About Us

NYCOWLL about us


NYCOWLL is an online bodysuit & lingerie boutique that caters to the woman who wants to be bold and confident in her own skin. We specialize in bodysuits and other lingerie pieces that help our customers feel their best, no matter the occasion. Whether you're running errands, out for brunch with friends, or on a date night, our collection of versatile pieces will have you looking stylish and feeling great.

NYCOWLL is a woman who is unafraid to express her true self. She embraces her individuality and beauty with bold lingerie pieces, designed to empower and inspire confidence. Make a statement with NYCOWLL


Why The name NYCOWLL?

“NYCOWLL” (Pronounced Ni-Cole) is a combination of the owners who are a husband and wife team. They wanted to create a unique name to put their names together. The name stems from the husbands middle name which is Nicholas. He told his wife that when they have their first daughter, he would want her name to be Nicole. The couple put their minds together to come up with a unique spelling of the name that combines their first names yet birthing a new spelling of a name. NYCOWLL is not just a name. NYCOWLL is a representation of a dream. A dream that is fearless yet gentle. Classy yet sexy. NYCOWLL is a  queen that is sophisticated and elegant. NYCOWLL can sometimes be a bit extra which is how we like our clothes.


Who is the NYCOWLL for?

NYCOWLL is for the woman who embraces her femininity and exudes confidence. Our collection of statement bodysuits and lingerie are designed to make her feel bold, comfortable, and beautiful in her own skin. At NYCOWLL, we believe that when a woman feels confident in her femininity, she is empowered to take on the world and achieve her dreams. Join us in celebrating and embracing your unique femininity with NYCOWLL

Above all else, NYCOWLL's exceptional customer service and attention to detail is our top priority. We go above and beyond to ensure you receive your statement bodysuits and lingerie in a timely manner. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and we're dedicated to making your shopping experience with us the best it can be. Whether you have a question or a suggestion, our team is here to assist you and make sure your experience with NYCOWLL is nothing short of perfect.