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Bodysuits for Your Body Type

How to Wear Bodysuits for Your Body Type
Bodysuits have become a 21st-century staple, and it’s for a good reason. There is just something simple about not having to worry about your top bunching up at the waist like regular tops and t-shirts instead of getting neatly tucked in. Besides, we can’t ignore just how much bodysuits can highlight one’s natural curves. It’s for this reason that selecting a bodysuit that fits one’s body shape is important. From simple V-neck silhouettes to statement designs with eye-catching lace details, there are a lot of flattering bodysuits currently available in the market. Hence, if you would like to jump on the bodysuit bandwagon, there’s no need to worry. As usual, NYCOWLL has got your back. Below are some tips that you should consider the next time you go bodysuit shopping as they will ensure that you pick the right top for your body type.
Hour Glass 
If you have an hourglass shape, then you are in luck as any style can fit you well. Having an hourglass shape means you have a fuller chest and hips, as well as a well-defined waistline. A tight-fitting bodysuit in a bright color would suit you best as it will accentuate your curves. You can pair it with a skinny high-rise jean in order to better define the curves on your hips and legs.
Inverted Triangle Shape
Essential Basics Long Sleeve Bodysuit
If you have wider shoulders than your hips, then the goal should be to create the illusion that you have wider hips. This requires you to draw more attention to your hips. You can achieve this look by wearing a dark long-sleeved bodysuit paired like our Essential Baesics Long Sleeve Bodysuit. with a flared printed skirt. Alternatively, you can wear a waist trainer to give you a more countered look.
Having shoulders, hips, and a waist that is almost of the same size can be challenging. In this case, you should seek to highlight your shoulders and hips and create the illusion that they are wider than usual. To this effect, grab a long-sleeved bodysuit with a deep V-shape such as our “Deep-v Cropped Power Shoulder Blazer Bodysuit”. Pair it with tapered pants to highlight your natural hip shape. Elevate this look with fringed heels and stunning earrings.
 Satin Off Shoulder Clear Straps Bodysuit
If you have wider hips and relatively slimmer shoulders, then you should seek to highlight the top half of your body. Wear an off-the-shoulder bodysuit with ruffle details in order to create a sense of balance and to make the top half of your body longer. Our “Making Moves Satin Bodysuit” would be perfect for this. Pair it with an A-line skirt to emphasize your waist. The skirt will flare out over the hips, thereby creating a sense of balance. For a fun, off-duty look, wear a pair of nude pumps in order to elongate your hips. A vest bodysuit is also perfect for this body shape as it makes one’s stomach look smaller. You can pair it with a high-waisted trouser to add definition to your waist.

Butterfly Sleeve Wrap Front Bodysuit
The normal characteristics of the apple body shape are a large bust, narrow hips, and a full midsection. If this statement describes your body shape you need a bodysuit with ruched detail and great stretch like our "butterfly sleeve wrap front bodysuit". The key characteristic that makes this bodysuit perfect is that it has amazing stretch which makes this bodysuit super comfortable.
Another perfect choice apple body type would be, a one-shoulder bodysuit since the exposed skin will draw the eye up. This is a simple yet elegant look that is perfect for a date.
Bottom Line
When selecting a bodysuit, also consider the material it’s made and level of comfort of as it also contributes to your overall look. For instance, a velvet bodysuit looks not only good but also feels good. Most of our bodysuits at also have a snap bottom closure, which makes it quicker and easier to put on and take off.
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