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9 Tips On How To Look Luxurious Without Breaking The Bank

1. The Leather Jacket

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Have a leather jacket. A leather jacket is a timeless piece of wardrobe that can add to your style. Stick to solid simple design though. This will ensure that it is a timeless piece. It doesn't have to be authentic leather either. Faux leather will work fine also.


Cropped leather jackets look great with almost anything you style them with. You can either wear them during the day or at night as well. A leather jacket can be paired with a skirt or dress to a a bit of flavor to a casual outfit during the day. You can also pair it with some skinny jeans and a blouse or with your favorite little black dress. This piece has so much versatility and will give you the appearance as if your'e wealthy.


Do you own a leather jacket? Comment below How you style it to make your outfit look more expensive?


2. Pick The Right Fabrics

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This is one of the easiest ways to spot cheap clothing. The quality of the fabric is a tall tell sign if the piece of clothing is quality or not. Most bargain pieces are made of inexpensive fabrics. There are many types of fabrics out there and some have heavier weight than others. Some of the cheaper  fabrics include Rayon, Acrylic, & Nylon. Some of the more Luxury quality fabrics include Suede, cotton and linen. These fabrics may cost a bit more up front but they will look better on your body.
They will also withstand more washes than the less expensive alternatives. Cheap tend to cling to your problem areas while on the other hand the luxe fabrics will do the opposite by draping over your body.


Who would like to look good in just about anything? Comment below.

3. Buy Designer Inspired Pieces

Just because you cant afford designer pieces doesn't mean you cant look the part. You can buy pieces that look like they cost a fortune. There are tons of places that have generic brand name pieces. You just have to know how to spot them out when you see them. Fast Fashion stores like NYCOWLL, H&M and Forever 21 are known for having replicas of designer inspired fashion houses. 

I'll let you in on a secret. Even celebrities are into shopping for designer inspired pieces like Cardi B for example. Cardi B loves shopping at Fast Fashion Powerhouse Fashion Nova for budget friendly designer pieces. She's done so much as to have her own line in collaboration with them. If Cardi B can make cheap pieces of clothing look expensive, so can you. Are you a fan of designer inspired pieces? Let us know the best deals that you have found in clothing stores down below in the comments section.

4. Wear All Black

Wearing all black does not just make you look slimmer. It also makes you look like you are a celebrity and belong on the front cover of Vogue or any other magazine. Black is a neutral color so it goes perfectly with everything. It is a classy color and looks great when paired with other black pieces. 

Another popular reason for wearing black is because its dark color can hide the quality of the material. You can throw on a black t-shirt and black pants from Wal-Mart and pair them with some black pumps from Ross and still have tons of money left over for accessories. This color also looks great on any skin tone. Just try on an all black outfit and go out. Watch how you will instantly feel glamorous. Oh yea and this look never goes out of style. 

Are you a fan of black clothing? What are some of your go to black pieces that you wear the most? Comment below.


5. Accessories With A Scarf

Wearing a simple accessory such as a scarf can instantly transform your look. Scarfs are not made to be worn only during the cold winter moths. There are so many scarves out there and are made depending on the season. Winter and Fall scarves are often made with knitted patterns and made of cotton, wool and other synthetic fibers. They are made of bulkier material to keep you warm when the temperature drops.

Spring and summer scarves are made of lighter materials like chiffon and silk. It doesn't matter the season, you should be able to find the scarf that will make your outfit instantly look expensive. So what is it about a scarf that can make your outfit look better you may ask. Well, by wrapping a scarf around your neck, you can make your simple outfit look more upscale and as if it was put together by a professional fashion stylist.


Are you a fan of wearing scarves year round? Let us know how scarves have leveled up your style down in the comments section. One lucky reply might even get featured on our instagram stories.


6. Wear Lipstick

Looking expensive is more than just clothing and accessories. Your main objective is to look great from head to toe. It won't do you any good if you follow all the wardrobe advice but not take into consideration that your makeup looks expensive too. There is an abundance of makeup products that include designer brands. But you don't need to break the bank. All you need is one product. Can You guess what it is? Well It is Lipstick. But you cant just wear any color. You have to pick the right hue. That is the secret to enhancing your overall appearance. A coral color will add just the right amount of color to your lips. You may want to go bold and stand out. A red lipstick will demand attention. Red is a classic color that goes great with almost any outfit. From a simple black fit to a printed dress. Just make sure you get the right shade to go with your skin tone. Just an addition of color on your lips can turn your look from cheap to expensive.


7. Shop at NYCOWLL.com


NYCOWLL is a great women's clothing boutique where you can find styles that will make you look luxurious on a budget. NYCOWLL is for the woman who does not want just a plain and boring wardrobe, she wants to be bold and confident in her own skin. Our styles will allow you to be the best dressed wherever you go, so you can look good and feel good. Whether you may choose one of our comfortable/casual styles or one of our glam looks you will be sure to receive compliments, so you get all your fav instagram poses ready Sis! With our AfterPay feature you can wear it now and pay later by splitting your entire online purchase into 4 interest free payments bi-weekly with no impact on your credit! Be sure to check out our selection for your fav luxurious outfit and check out with AfterPay so you can pay at your own pace. See something you like but aren't ready to buy now, pin it on your board but don't let it sit too long cause it may be gone. 



8. Wear Pointy Shoes

Your shoes can make or break your outfit. If you want to look exquisite on a budget. Your shoes have to be on point (we had to throw that in). You ruin your chances of looking flawless if your shoes are not up to par. Remember, we said the complete look is from head to toe. A simple pointy shoe can make an outfit look polished and celebs can't get enough of this type of footwear. We've seen it all from pointy flats to pointy pumps on some of our favorite celebs. Theres really no guide to the color shoe you wear, but we recommend neutral colors because they will pair with just about any outfit. If you don't have any of this type of footwear in your closet right now, you may want to consider adding this to your wardrobe! Make sure the shoes are comfortable or this may ruin your outfit. sometimes flats are better than high heels.


9. Wear Sunglasses

If you made it this far in this blog, you have a good idea of all the ways you can make a cheap outfit look luxurious and more that what it really is. You wouldn't believe this but sunglasses can make anyone look like a Hollywood  star. You just have to make sure you pick a style the flatters your face. You cant go wrong with an oversized pair though. Many fashion icons have been wearing oversized sunglasses for decades. This is a style that probably will not be going out any time soon. They bring glam to any outfit and they also can be a cover up for if you are having a bad day. The great thing is that you don't have to pick up a pair of designer sunglasses. You can pick up a cheap pair of $7 shades and you will look just as expensive as the celebrities.


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